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A black ring on your right hand discretely lets others know you’re in the lifestyle too.
Love the rings & the idea!

"We recently purchased our rings and never take them off!  We feel a sense of unity along with our wedding rings when we wear them and now find ourselves looking at other couple's hands when we are out and about lol.  Great idea and hope the trend grows!" - B&M
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The Connection

The Message - Only Those Who Wear Them Will Know

The Company

"You two are some of the first people we ever met in the lifestyle and your kindness and welcoming nature is something we have never forgotten. we have since become really active in the community and are very proud to be a part of a warm and safe environment, and we attribute so much of that to you two. you are very very special people. you radiate positive energy. it is something we hope to also put into the world every time we go out." - K+J - Get your FREE account and become sexually social today!
Hopefully our rings will help you to meet and make new friends within the lifestyle when you least expect it. 


We’re a very happy couple who have fully embraced the lifestyle, and all the fun it has to offer.